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Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE): One exam – endless opportunities

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is one of a number of exams that are suitable for school-aged learners – exam levels run the full range from beginner to advanced level, so students can improve their English and build their confidence step by step.
Watch this video to learn where a Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) can take you.

Gain a globally accepted certificate

More than 6,000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments around the world accept Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) as proof of high-level achievement in learning English. 

  • Internationally accepted as proof of high achievement in English for study and work purposes.
  • Cambridge English: Advanced is trusted and accepted globally by over 6,000 institutions including many of the world’s top universities and colleges. 
  • Develop the international communication skills you need to study, work and live in an English-speaking environment.
  • Accepted for university and student visa applications to Australia and Ireland.​

Australia –  Study, Work, Travel

Did you know that international students graduating from an Australian university may be able to switch to a work-based visa of 2–4 years?

If you’re planning to study at college or university in Australia, a Cambridge English exam is the only English language qualification you need.

  • Get the language skills you need to succeed in your chosen course in Australia.
  • Build the confidence to take an active part in student life, in English!
  • Discover somewhere new and enjoy new experiences – all while you’re learning.
  • Get lots of support every step of the way, including lots of free learning resources and a lively Facebook community.

The Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) examination is:

  • ​Accepted for both student visa and university applications.

  • Accepted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for student visa applications.

  • Accepted by Australian universities and educational institutions.
  • Accepted by Australia’s top universities such as Monash University, the University of Sydney and the University of Western Australia
  • Accepted by Australian universities and TAFE <Technical and Further Education> institutions.

Find a full list of Australian universities, colleges and employers that accept the exam on our recognition database.

For Schools

Schools using Cambridge English exams as part of their language provision means they can:

  • Enhance their school’s reputation by showing their commitment to achieving the highest international standards
  • Get expert teacher support and training to help their teachers develop their skills
  • Open up a world of possibilities for their students by preparing them for exams respected by employers and universities everywhere.
  • Give their students the skills they need to study, work and live in English-speaking contexts.
  • Help their students stand out as high-achievers

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is a thorough test of all areas of language ability.

The exam assess all aspects of English language ability:
  • Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing – and grammar and vocabulary.
  • Face-to-face Speaking test for a more realistic test of communication.
An in-depth assessment of English for communicating in academic and professional settings.
  • More than just a snapshot of a student’s knowledge of English.
  • Ideal preparation for studying and living in an English-speaking environment.
  • Preparation for the exam encourages in-depth language learning.

Special offer from Cambridge English

Cambridge English is happy to offer special exam fee, benefits and recognition to all schools and students that register for the A2Oz competition, which are available from Planet EDU – Authorised Partner for Cambridge English Exams. To know more please click here. You can also contact us for further details.


Special Offer

Special offers on CAE exam for schools and students registered for competition from Planet EDU (Authorised Partner).

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